Bird Documentary


We made a documentary about birds! Here is a description about it. And here is a link to the project!

We made a documentary about birds! Here is a description about it. And here is a link to the project!

Tree Documentary

Our projects span across the country, here is some more information about our projects and the kind of work that we do. We are always looking for more filmmakers to collaborate. Take a look and get inspired!


Here is a list of all of our projects and links to each one:

  1. "Silent Seas" In this documentary, marine biologists delve into the mysterious disappearance of marine life in certain regions of the world's oceans. Through stunning underwater cinematography and expert interviews, the film explores the complex interplay of factors such as climate change, pollution, and overfishing, shedding light on the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect our oceans.

  2. "Echoes of War" Set in a war-torn region, this fictional film follows the intertwined lives of civilians and soldiers caught in the midst of conflict. Through poignant storytelling and powerful performances, it portrays the human cost of war, grappling with themes of loss, resilience, and the struggle for peace amidst chaos.

  3. "Beneath the Surface" This documentary uncovers the hidden world of urban street art, exploring the motivations and stories behind graffiti artists' work. From the alleys of bustling metropolises to the walls of abandoned buildings, the film captures the vibrancy and controversy of street art culture while questioning society's perceptions of vandalism versus art.

  4. "The Last Harvest" Set against the backdrop of industrial agriculture, this documentary exposes the challenges faced by small family farms struggling to survive in the modern food system. Through intimate portraits of farmers and their communities, the film examines issues of sustainability, corporate consolidation, and the resilience of those who are determined to preserve traditional farming practices.

  5. "Infinite Horizons" This fictional sci-fi epic takes audiences on a mind-bending journey through parallel universes, following a group of explorers who discover a way to traverse dimensions. As they navigate alternate realities filled with wonder, danger, and existential dilemmas, the film explores profound questions about the nature of reality and the limits of human understanding.

  6. "Voices Unheard" Through a series of intimate interviews, this documentary amplifies the voices of marginalized communities whose stories have been overlooked or silenced by mainstream media. From indigenous activists fighting for land rights to LGBTQ+ individuals advocating for equality, the film shines a spotlight on resilience, resistance, and the power of storytelling to ignite social change.

  7. "Crossing Borders" Set in a dystopian future where borders have become heavily fortified and immigration is strictly regulated, this fictional drama follows the journey of a family desperate to escape oppression and find a better life. Through their harrowing experiences and encounters with both kindness and cruelty, the film confronts issues of migration, xenophobia, and the universal human desire for freedom and belonging.

  8. "Wilderness Reborn" This documentary chronicles the efforts of conservationists working to restore fragile ecosystems and reintroduce endangered species to their natural habitats. From reforestation projects in the Amazon to the revival of wildlife populations in Africa, the film celebrates the beauty of nature's resilience and the importance of collective action in preserving biodiversity for future generations.